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Web Sites

Hosting We rent 100GB of server space with a monthly bandwidth of 1000GB with unlimited domains and unlimited eMail addresses. We will sell our clients whatever fraction of this resource until we have to rent some more ! If you need to obtain a domain name, then we can assist you in selecting a suitable name and in the registration process.
Design We will help you to structure your website to best suit the needs of your business or organisation. We have associates who can provide sophisticated graphical designs. We can originate digital images that might help illustrate your site.
Implementation Taking your design and structure, together with your text, we will implement your site. We provide an interface so that you can add new pages to the site, amend or delete old pages. Content can be made date-sensitive so it automatically disappears on a set date.
On-Line Shops We have experience with creating on-line shops. We can help you build the shell into which you place your products.
Monitoring From our office, we check that all our client sites are up and running every 5 minutes. We contact the operators at the hosting location when a site fails to respond. We also automatically take backups of all client sites, typically on a weekly basis. Site traffic logs are captured and analysed if required.
Support We will maintain your site after it is up and running. If you decide to do this yourself, we will help you with your questions on writing HTML.

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